VRN introduces a collection of gold rings designed and dedicated to embracing love and inclusiveness.

We believe that the power of love, sacredness and rituals of love have to be symbolic and celebrated and that is what we wish to carry through VRN.

The ethos of our first brand VARON has always been to design high quality jewelry for all the gender identities, this ethos remains in VRN, embracing love and inclusivity within the design.

Within VRN we offer our specially crafted classic collection but we also offer our service of fine custom rings and jewelry pieces handcrafted in our Mexico City workshop.

If you’re looking to design for yourself or as a gift we believe in a close collaboration with the client. The artist designs unique creations of jewelry that adapt to individual desires of taste without abandoning Varon’s individual sense for aesthetics.

Based in Mexico City, each piece from VRN is thoughtfully designed, hand crafted with the high quality standards in the making, sourced materials responsibly and created locally to support our community of creators. VARON’s vision for VRN is to create timeless pieces through a modern lense and sensibility.

We think that jewelry is an adornment that should be worn daily and passed down through generations and believe that ceremonies and rituals are also created for ourselves alone.

Our jewelry is designed to mark many milestones and celebrations within time.